Tejo is the nacional sport. This tradicional sport originated over 500 years ago by  the indigenous pre-Hispanic poblation in Colombia territory. It is played by throwing a metal disc (the Tejo), weighing about 700 grs at a target “mechas”. The principal idea is to get an explotion and to drink beer. Usually who lose pay the bill that includes the use of the place, the beers and all the food of everybody.

If you want to get lessons or just to get a realy nice afternoon ask Eduardo at the reception, he love to play, he is a profesional one, and for sure he gonna take you there.

It is about $35.000  and you gonna eat, drink all you can, play the nacional game and  live a realy colombian expiriens.

You can do it every day, late afternoon and is very close from the hostel.

TEJO (Nacional Explosive Sport)

Every week  (3 hrs)

$35.000. All yo can play, eat and drink.

Cause Alegria´s Hostel Bogota it is not only a beautiful, cozy place, is an experience, full of activities every day.