My Favorite One in Bogota! Realy nice music, kool place, beutiful people. It is located in the ¨Zona Rosa of Bogota¨, where there are concentrated most good shops, restaurants, bars and clubs in town. We recommend calling a taxi from the hostel at 10:30 pm, 20 minutes and $ 13,000 will be enough to get there. In the same building you will find two excellent opportunities to enjoy good music in different environments. The truth is that I can not say which is better … I love both. The night is long and safe may enter the two … You gonna love it!

Wear cute, do not forget your wallet … and let me know that it will go … certainly encouraged me and I’ll go with.

The entry: $20.000

Armando Records (Top Roof) for lovers of rock and indie music.

Armando All Stars (3 floors down) for latins lovers.

Calle 85#14-46