Would you like to do volunteer work while you are in Bogota?

Sentires is a fountation that helps children with little possibilities, with parents that work all day. They constantly needs people to help with their homework or just to play games and spend time with them until their parents finish work. These activities are mainly during the afternoons after school, between 12:00 m and 5:00 pm from monday to Friday.

If you are interested in helping this foundation, ask at reception. We call and you will meet some of the program managers in a bus station at 12:00 m and they will take you to the neighbourhood where the children live ¨Ciudad Bolivar¨.

Ciudad Bolivar is a neighbourhood that concentrates the poorest population in Bogotá.

How to get there?

By Bus:

Transmilenio (red bus rapid transit system)

From Las Aguas station to Av Jimenez station, then change to another red bus that goes to Portal El Tunal station, then change to another bus from the same sistem but a green bus, Alimentador El Tesoro and goes down to the last stop and walk 2 bloks. Aprox 1 hr. $1.800

By Taxi:

Carrera 18 h # 78 d -10 SUR. Barrio el Tesoro. Aprox $25.000 Aprox 1hr.

Call: Nataly and Johanna Tel: 313 261 95 55 – 310 337 08 07