My favorite museum to recommend,  is unique in the world and very newly. Thats why it does not go out in the  tourist guides yet and very few persons know about it.

But let me explain you the importance of not losing the opportunity to visit this ambolibobol place. When you speak about Colombia, speech of a country emphasized to nive internationally for having maybe … I dare to say it, the best and major production of coffee, flowers, beautiful women, a couple of things more…  and Emeralds. Colombia produces more than 80% of all highest quality emeralds around the world.

So… to come to Colombia and dont learn nothing about smeralds… Its like to go to Africa and not check about the diamonds.

This museum is dynamic and enterteining, in an hour you definitively gonna learn much and feel that can speak for the rest of his life about the emeralds.

Monday – Saturday  10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Avianca building Calle 16 No. 6-66. 23 floo. Opposite gold museum.

Entry $5.000 .