Monserrate is the most famos view for Bogota. You gonna be 3.152 meters closer to the stars. From Alegria´s Hostel to the station is just 15 minutes walk and then you have 3 opcions for to go up the mountain: Funicular (train), Teleferico (cable car) $17.000 2 ways or walking for free.

If you wanna walk up the mountain aprox 45 minutes by stars, please take nice pics, drink a delicius juice of fruits and see you there. I realy prefer to take it easy and go up to drink a magnific ¨Aguardiente de Hiervas¨, our nacional drink but with special plants inside the bottle, handcrafted preparation that gives it a flavor increhible, perfect drink for the horrible cold up of the mountain.

The best time for to go there is 5:00 pm, so you have time for to go up drink ¨Aguardiente de Hiervas¨, enjoy the sun set and then the magic ninght comes, take more pictures and get frozen. Now is time for the tradicional ¨Chocolate con Queso y Almojabana¨. We do it like this: ¨Cheese goes in the hot chocolate until it floats¨. Up in the mountain you have 2 fantasy restaurants, there you can get your chocolate snaks for les than $15.000 or a realy nice dinner.

Behind of the church, going up the stairs you gonna find a traditional market of Colombian crafts, if you continues walking little more, you gonna  find the most traditional  popular restaurants of Bogotá food and if it continues little more, the shops end and you will see from an opened space another side of the mountain, pure forest, the lungs of Bogota. This can apreciate better by day.

Open 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

Monday – Saturday $17.000,  Sunday is $9.000 but its full of people… no nice.