La Gran Pared, is a temple for the lovers of the escalation, they rely on a covered totally equipped gymnasium, definitively it is the best of the city. They have plans and prices for beginners who do not have the equipment and need instruction, also pro offer super plans, very good to go out of the city during the day to climb Suesca, a beautiful place  2 hrs from Bogota.

The environment is propitious to know pretty local persons that gonna enjoy  to tell you them secrets on Bogota, because it is not a tourist place, like that provably you gonna be the only gringo in this wonderful world. The gym is locaded in Chapinero neighborhood, its an students’ zone, bars and restaurants, this way that very surely was possessing the luck of enjoying a delicious juice of fruits in the gym´s caffee store or maybe going out to walk along the neighborhood with the guide, any caracter person of of Bogotá scene.

To come to La Gran Pared is about $7.000 by taxi, 20 minutes. By bus from the corner at the hotel Calle 9 and go down Av 7 , street 50 . 1.500 $ and 30 minutes.

Day price $15.000 – $25.000

Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 9:45 pm    

Sunday and Holydays  10:00 am- 5:45 pm

Carrera 7 # 50 – 02.     Tel: (571) 285 0903 – (571) 338 3035