Andrés Carne de Res is one of the obligatory stops for all foreigners visiting Bogotá. It’s in Chia about 20 minutes north of the city. There isn’t a place that pays tribute to Colombian culture like Andrés Carne de Res: music, food, decoration, clientele and overall each of its spaces will catch you by surprise, shock you. What is interesting is that since it opened, its owner, Andres Jaramillo, had the idea of opening a restaurant at night to become the perfect place to rumba (or clubbing). That’s what makes this place an incredible night out. Locals go here to eat dinner and then dance all night long to great music.

Andres’ tends to be an expensive night out but is always worth it. Take a bus every Saturday from Alegria´s Hostel at 8PM for 50,000COP This inclued transport 2 ways,  the entry ($20.000) and drink free rhum all your way to the restaurant before a night of wild dancing. There are 3 Andres Carne de Res’ in Bogotà. The one in Chia is the wildest.

Important Stuff:

Music type

Salsa, Electro and more

Best time to go

With us every Saturday night. Leave at 8:00PM  cheap transportation. Another day by your self the taxi is aprox $90.000 one way and is very dificult to get one that take you there…

By public bus you need 3 diferents ones before 10:00 pm.

1. From Las Aguas transmilenio station, to Potal Norte.

2. From Portal Norte to Chia.

3. From Chia to the restaurant.

If you want to come back by taxi, because after 10 pm is no more buses. The restaurant have a realy good taxi service.


Yes. With transportation there and back, a cheap night will cost you 100,000 COP or around $50 USD. Bring 150,000 COP to play safe.

Open Hours

Regular dining hours until 3:00AM.

Click here to visit Andres’ website

– Stephane Bigue, 25, Canada